Friday, April 17, 2015

Lesson 4 Last Swing Thoughts

It felt slightly bittersweet going to my last lesson at Angeles National. the package deal was for 4 lessons causing major changes in my swing and I wanted to keep the momentum rolling with more and more lessons to refine things further. Alas that was not to be today but still, this may have been the most useful lesson of them all.

John is a great teacher and he doesn't try to shoehorn you into one cookie cutter swing. Instead, he works to get you a swing thought that you identify with and can take forward. On my own, I say my swing is 50% on being on target with power and 50% having big misses.  The lesson was definitely needed to sharpen up the misses and also getting some last swing thoughts to make everything solid.

John really worked with me to come up with swing thoughts to make it happen. Boy did it! My 3 iron hybrid, I usually hit 180-190. Today it was 190 with a roll out to about 230, which is insanity.

The real challenge now is to replicate this and do it all the time on the course I think I have the tools now to do some damage on the course and not just to worm families. I owe it all to John and can't wait for my next lesson!

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