Sunday, March 11, 2018

Snell MTB Red Golf Ball Review

Awhile ago, I reviewed the Snell MTB and Get Sum golf balls as soon as they were released. I was intrigued by the ball made by the guy who was involved with the Pro V1 and the Taylormade golf balls, Dean Snell. He was offering the same quality ball for $10 less so I was intrigued.

The original MTB felt like a Taylormade ball off the tee and off iron shots but around the green it performed like the 3 piece ball that it was, not too much spin off of wedge shots with lots of roll out. Putting was good but not great.

Snell worked hard on updating the ball and has come out with new versions, the 3 piece MTB black and the 4 piece MTB Red.

It took me all of three holes to become a believer in the MTB Red and I feel like I have be reborn as a golfer. The first hole was a par 5 and I was in the fringe in 2. So does it have length? Check.

The second hole was a par 4 that required a killer second shot to a severely sloped green. Did the iron shot stop at the perfect distance? You betcha. Check.

The third hole was a par 4 that I didn't play so hot but I was on the fringe in 3. Did I roll in the putt to save par? You better believe it. Putting check.

The greens I played with the MTB Red are some of the toughest in SoCal. The course is used for US Open qualifying and this ball kept me in it with spin and roll when I needed it. It also gave me several drives of over 280 including one that went 300.

I was a pretty good golfer when I was a teenager and then took 10+ years off to focus on my career. I have slowly been tweaking this or that to get back to where I was 20 years ago and the MTB Red is a part of that "regripping".

For more info about the MTB Red check out this link:

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