Wednesday, March 7, 2018

ReGripped's Quest to Play Cypress Point Day 942


Here we are, almost 1,000 days into the quest and...the quest is still ongoing. I have recently made some headway using online golf forums to connect with other golf nuts and there is an outside chance that I may actually get to play Cypress within the next few months. One of the upsides for a long quest is that by now, a lot of people know about it and so if they have a slot for a 4th, I am at least on their radar.

I can't say enough good things about golfers online. While brands weirdly keep their distance from the people who play their gear and golf courses are hit or miss interacting with the people who play their courses, golf nuts recognize fellow golf nuts and for the most part, we all try to help each other achieve our golf dreams.

How people got onto Cypress prior to the internet is the real mystery as it seems that you basically had to live in Northern California for a shot at all.

Pro-Am Trip:

Recently I was up in Monterey for my first ever Pebble Beach Pro-Am. Monterey has been my jam ever since I was up there a few years ago and my time at the Pro-Am cemented it. I even got to see Cypress sorta.

A course close to Cypress is Spyglass and you can see Cypress if you are around the second green area/third hole. There, off in the distance was the clubhouse and the first hole.

It was hilarious that I wasn't alone in turning around from the pro golf action to look at the action about a mile away.

Then an amazing thing happened. During the Pro-Am, 17 Mile Drive is closed to general traffic in order for the Pro-Am shuttles to go back and forth between the courses. Our shuttle driver got lost, took a wrong turn and drove us right past Cypress including the clubhouse!

It was tough to discern much about the course from these limited glimpses but still, I will take it. The course looked in top notch shape and getting to see it somewhat up close was a thrill. During what I imagine is one of the busiest times for the club, it didn't seem too packed with golfers as several of its members were busy playing in the Pro-Am.

If I lived in Monterey I think realistically I would play Pacific Grove most days although maybe explore Bayonet and Black Horse. Who knows, maybe I would have the money to justify a Duke's Club membership or even become a member of MPCC. What I seriously doubt would happen is becoming a member of CPC so if I lived in Monterey could I stand being that close to Cypress and not playing it (or playing it infrequently)? I don't know but it would be an interesting phycological experiment to try!

Link To Check Out:

In addition to golf magazines, golf websites and golf blog reviews of Cypress Point, reviews can also come from other nooks and crannies of the internet. A prime example, reviews of the club via Yelp:

BTW, the course got 5 stars across the board ;).

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