Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Stevens Park Golf Review

Every once in awhile, a muni course shows you that golf courses designed for the public can be fantastic and quirky. The course has a long pedigree, designed originally in 1922 and with a recent facelift, the course goes over hill and dale (a rarity for North Texas) and offers the golfer a variety of shots.

The first hole is emblematic of the whole day. A rolling fairway with bunkers strategically placed with a blind green featuring a tight throat and a square green. Personally I was tickled pink by the layout and even though I was playing like a blind person being bothered by a mosquito the course is short enough to give any puncher a chance.

From the back tees, the course loves to force you to hit through chutes of trees and over streams and unlike other short muni courses, you have to trust your driver or your 3 wood implicitly (marrying it if you have to).

The par 3s on this course were fantastic, none moreso than the one above. Its short but left is death and there is a ton of bailout to the right but good luck negotiating the undulations.

Also, these greens really were square. How square were they you ask? This square.

Of course, not EVERY green was like (most notably the 18th which was a great two tiered green) but most were of the variety above.

The best part of Stevens Park are the views of Dallas from several of the holes. Worth the price of admission alone.

As you can see, the grass was dormant and some of the bunkering was a bit unfair around some of the greens and some of the doglegs were a bit TOO severe but these are really minor quibble. I came away from Stevens Park a believer and so will you if you get a chance to play.

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