Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Reviewing Forelinx

Over the last few years numerous companies have gotten into the golf tee time game. In addition to GolfNow, the PGA Tour has their own website (TeeOff), BoxGroove brings you tee times on private courses and now in the West, Forelinx has arisen as an intriguing alternative for golfers looking for discounted tee times on great courses.

The model that Forelinx pursues is to have select number of courses (and when I say a select number, I mean 87 courses in California, Arizona and elsewhere) and then offers their members pretty good discounts on those courses.

The reservation system allows you to book 7 days in advance and most of the courses allow you to book up to 4 people (although some courses only allow you to join pre-booked groups needing a third or a fourth).

Each month you pay a fee and get an equivalent in points to use toward tee times on any course in their system. Points for round vary from 80 to 600+ but if you track your points carefully, you can play 2-3 times a month just on your monthly fee.

The quality of the courses really stands out. I was able to play Aviara, La Quinta Mountain, La Costa Championship, Sandpiper, Strawberry Farms, Temecula Creek Inn and several other SoCal courses with a pretty good discount off the rack rate.

Paying a monthly fee for this has a couple of benefits. One, your points don't expire and roll over so you don't lose the points if you can't play in a given month. Secondly, it does encourage you to get out there to use your points (not like golfers need any excuses).

Forelinx is just in its beginning stages and there are a few things that they are working on that will make having a membership even better. Applying your points to bring people with you on your rounds will be a great addition to the membership as of right now, you can use your points for yourself but for guests you have to pay $. Additionally, they are just starting to build up their private club access and it will be interesting to see what other private clubs they can pull into their orbit.

Here are a few of the courses I have played via Forelinx over the last few months:

Temecula Creek Innhttp://www.re-gripped.com/2017/03/temecula-creek-inn-golf-review.html
Strawberry Fieldshttp://www.re-gripped.com/2017/03/strawberry-farms-golf-review.html
La Quinta Mountainhttp://www.re-gripped.com/2017/02/la-quinta-mountain-review.html

If you are an avid golfer who gets out 2-3 times a month here in SoCal or in Arizona, you should definitely look into this service!

The team at Forelinx is super friendly and always responded to my questions within a day or so. If you want to find out more about Forelinx, check out their site here: https://forelinx.com/


  1. Peter--

    My name is Sam Kestin and I'm the VP of Courses & Partnerships at Forelinx.

    We really appreciate the kind words and the exposure through your blog. I can say that I personally am most especially happy to hear your satisfaction with our course selection. It's something we work very hard on and we'll continue to strive to bring our members quality courses at reasonable rates.

    We've got some more great facilities coming through the pipeline--including Oak Creek down in Irvine and Poppy Hills up in the Pebble Beach area. These should be up over the next few weeks.

    Furthermore, we recently launched Quail Lodge up in Carmel as well--setting up the potential for a lovely weekend getaway involving 18 holes at Quail and 18 holes at Poppy. We're also working with Quail Lodge on providing our members a promo code to help them save money on a potential hotel stay.

    All of this is to say--while we appreciate your kind words on our current course portfolio--we want you and your readership to know that we are nowhere close to done bringing Forelinx members the best crop of courses we can possibly provide!

    Please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly with any suggestions you might have about how we can improve our product. If you shoot us a note in the chat support window--I'd be happy to provide you with my direct email address.


    1. Fantastic Sam thanks for the update and glad to hear Monterey is getting even more Forelinx courses!