Thursday, July 30, 2015

Golfing Tierra Rejada Review

There are many golf course choices in Los Angeles. Some people gravitate to the coast, the Torrey Pines, the Trump Nationals. Some people play the highly ranked courses, the Maderas, the LACC's the Riverias. Some people play the LA City courses in all of their pockmarked glory.

For me and my money, if I had one area to play and no where else, plant me in Simi Valley. So many great courses, so little time. And reasonably priced as well! When you are paying $40+ for a weekend round on a beat up city course, why not pay a little bit more for a world class track in Simi?

I found myself the other weekend checking out Tierra Rejada in the Moorpark area and its another hidden gem. While the $95 is a bit steeper than most tracks, there are deals to be found for TR and I found myself with a deal and eagerly anticipating the round.

This time of year (the Summer) you want to play early and the courses know that with rounds progressively getting cheaper throughout the day. The downside to Simi Valley is that the mornings are often socked in with fog and the first five holes were all about hitting and praying.

Once the fog lifted though, whooo doggy what a course!

What you don't realize going through all that fog is that you are slowly heading uphill to a plateau and several of the holes are either on top of the plateau or...

Hitting down to another plateau! I mean look at this thing! The tee box is at least 100+ feet above the fairway, which is very narrow but if you don't hit driver on this hole, there is no hope for you as a golfer.

What the front side giveth in terms of elevated tee shots, it makes up on the back side with elevated greens so unless you are long on the back, you are going to have a long day hitting uphill to these greens.

I was blown away by TR, yet ANOTHER reason that golf in Simi is the best in LA. The only downside of TR is that the greens are a little inconsistent, some roll fast some roll slow, all roll flat and true. I think part of this is the weather, the mornings must be so foggy and damp that it effects the greens in different ways. My suggestion, play the course later in the day to get the full effect of its beauty.

Over all, an amazing experience and one every LA golfer has to try out.

For more info on Tierra Rejada, check it out here:

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