Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Discovering Tom Morris Clothing

The British Open just getting under way as I write this post and that coupled with the Scottish Open that just finished bookends two of my favorite weeks in men's golf (to say nothing about the RICOH Women's British Open coming up!). One of my favorite aspects of the Masters is taking a look at all the schwag that surrounds that tournament so I turned my eye to the UK to see what was going on there. I stumbled upon Tom Morris clothing (sold right next to the Old Course) and boy and I glad I did!

I have started changing my entire golf wardrobe to incorporate purple and Tom Morris has it in spades! So many great purple golf items to choose, here are some of my favorites:


You want purple, this polo will give it to you, IN YOUR FACE. I am not a fan of monochrome polos and this one with the cool white striping and brown buttons really adds nice dimensions to the sharp looking polo. Made out of cotton, this will keep me well protected for Scottish golf. Plus that awesome crest makes me feel like a member of some club. This would definitely be one of my go-to shirts.


First off, I love that they are called trousers. I think I used to call my pants trousers way back in the day and if I got a pair of these, I would definitely call every pair of pants I own trousers. While I don't like monchrome coloring in my shirts, I usually gravitate toward plain greys and blacks in my trousers as neutral colors go with most tops. As much as I like the Loudmouth concept here in the States, I have never been able to pull the trigger because I wouldn't want to get locked in to one style. I think I would make an exception for these pants however! The purple is also kinda greyish and I think it would work with the other purple tops that I rock. Plus there is something about plaid and Scotland that if I were ever to go there I would need to plaid out my golf kit.


Scotland isn't exactly known as the tropics. Even in the heart of a July Summer, I saw many a pro wearing jumpers/sweaters on the courses. So bundling up is a must and Tom Morris looks to have you covered with this cool looking jumper, with a splash of purple (of course!). I have found even living in Southern California that layering for early morning rounds is crucial and you want to feel good in your golf gear and I think this jumper can check all of those boxes.

I have been researching golfing in Scotland like a fiend and little did I know that several of the clubs require you to have a jacket and tie to dine in their dining room. Muirfield, Prestwick and Troon all require them in their dining rooms and I certainly want to be fashionable. In keeping with the purple theme, this jacket both screams Scotland and poshness. I don't think I could possible get kicked out of any Scottish golf club with this beauty.

I have never been to Scotland but it is HIGH on my list. The same goes for the clothes, I don't have any of them but they are HIGH on my list and I look forward to any sales they might have coming up for us in the US (or heck buying them in person if I am so lucky)!

For more information about Tom Morris check out this link:

All Images Pulled From Tom Morris's website for review or commentary purposes. Hopefully TM doesn't mind as I love their clothes! 


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