Thursday, March 26, 2015

ReGripped Gets a Lesson- Week 3 Hard Work Pays Off

I have never liked gyms. I feel they are too passive, you are running on a treadmill, you are lifting weights for what? Sure you get bigger muscles, etc. but I like activities where I am playing a sport, something tangible.

In my previous golf life, I always played golf. Sure I practiced on the range every once in awhile, working on this aspect or that new thing but for the most part playing a lot helped my game than the range.

After having been away from the game for awhile and trying to get back into it for the last year, it was clear that playing wouldn't just cut it. I would play, hit a few good shots and be miserable the rest of the round.

After lesson 2 at Angeles, I was given a brand new swing. If I am going to be serious about improving, then I needed to get to work. So all week between lessons I went to my local driving range (5 minutes away, a rarity in Los Angeles commuting) and worked on the swing. Every night, refining swing thoughts. I was prepped for lesson 3 and my short irons are really coming along.

The driver, well that is another matter.

The driver has always been my achilles heel but since I had no idea what was really going on with my swing on the long clubs, my teacher John hooked me up with Trackman. I am sure a lot of you know about Trackman but it was my first time with such a device. It gave me all types of numbers (some of which I still don't understand) but more importantly, it told John exactly what I was doing and how to fix it.

Mainly this involved flotation devices.

The real key to a good pro is to find what swing thought clicks with you personally and then drilling that into you. Swinging around this floatation device helped get the right swing thoughts in my head.

How effective as this device? I went from a 240 yard drive with a slice to a 270 yard drive with a draw. A huge improvement in one lesson. Of course, I need to work hard on the range getting this swing into my muscle memory (and of course, if my wife will let me spend that much time on the range).

However, seeing tangible results drives me to practice more and to get better at this game. All thanks to John and Angeles National!

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