Monday, February 25, 2019

Cypress Point Quest- Day 1299

California has been slammed with storms over the winter 2018-19 resulting in lots of flooding, mudslides and other types of damage. Other types of damage including damage to the iconic cypress tree.

The cypress tree is more than 250 years old and serves of the logo for Pebble Beach and has a passing resemblance to CPC's logo.

CPC may have only registered this logo with the USPTO in 2001 but you show that logo to anyone in golf and it is instantly recognizable. It is fascinating for a club of sub-250 members to have a logo that is recognized around the world. That is the way of the world though eh? Even golf courses with 1 member are talked about on blogs and pictures circulate here and there of even the most exclusive enclaves.

This is what I am banking on in my quest for Cypress. I am willing to put my faith in the Internet to connect me with people who know people who know people.

I am also going to start attempting to connect more with people who are on golf quests. I have been noticing more people doing quests and as part of those quests, they have played Cypress. For example,

PJ Koenig played CPC as part of his RGV Tour

Jimmie James played the Top 100 in 1 year (whew!) and of course Cypress was a part of that:

So I think I need to seek out people at the beginning of their quest and wonder if they let me tag along as they try to play this course.

Link of the day. YouTube is a great resource for all things Cypress. If you are so inclined, check out this guy as he went around the track and basically sounds like he is narrating a 1980s slideshow to relatives which adds to the charm:

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