Wednesday, October 25, 2017

City Park Denver Golf Review

Colorado is an underrated golf state. Sure you don't get any ocean views in Denver but there are plenty of great golf courses and the mountains frame so many shots. On a recent trip to the Mile High City, my buddy suggested we play the City Park course which is closing soon for a massive $40 million dollar overhaul by Hale Irwin.

Wanting to see a classic course before it goes under the knife (or the chainsaw considering what I have heard about the renovation) I checked out 9 holes. What I found was a course with amazing views of Denver and while it has a rather standard parkland routing, the holes use the terrain well giving a golfer many different up and down shots. 

Clearly though, the City of Denver dominates the proceedings and the holes maximize the views to the golfer's delight. As the course moves down to flatter terrain there is excellent use of trees and city landmarks to supplement your round.

The conditions of the course were fantastic which was surprising given how close to closure the course is. It goes to show you how much the greens crew cares about the course. The greens rolled rather slow which isn't unusual for a muni course.

I wish I could recommend playing the course but alas it will be closed until 2019. Once it re-opens I look forward to playing all 18 and seeing how they made a good course even better.

For more information on City Park, check out this link:

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