Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Journeyman Whiskey

Whiskey and golf seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly. However, there are very few whiskies that are made in the US and even fewer that are specific to golf. Journeyman checks both of those boxes being made in Michigan by a golf fanatic and I recently got to try their Silver Cross whiskey.

This whiskey is named for the Silver Cross which was originally a medal given to British Open golfers in the early days and I love that pedigree.

I also loved how the whiskey poured into my glass! It was a great amber color and I know next to nothing about whiskey but it sure looked tasty.

So how did it taste?

Pretty good! Since I don't know much about whiskey, I look for good tasting ones that are "smooth" and don't burn or make me cringe. This one was great for all of that, no need for ice, the Silver Cross is good sipping whiskey.

I am by no means a whiskey expert but this tasted pretty good and I can't wait to try more of this delicious liquid!

For more information about Journeyman, check out this link:

Disclaimer: I was provided Journeyman for purposes of this review only.

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