Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Morning Quick Links

1) Leona Staying

The top amateur in the woman's game looks like she is staying at Duke to finish her degree. A real rarity in today's world and given that the LPGA's winners are mostly sub-25, definitely an interesting choice.

2) The Winner Is

Honestly, I haven't watched a second of Driver vs Driver on the Golf Channel but I do think its an interesting concept. If you want to check out the winner, click the link below!

3) Kingston Fever

Geoff is getting me PUMPED UP for the golf event at Kingston Heath. Be sure to check out the 2 minute video at the end, it will make you want to book airfare to play that course!

4) New Podcast

The Golf Getaways crew keeps pumping them out, here is today's latest episode about family golf travel.

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