Thursday, December 10, 2015

Holiday Golf Gift Guide


Looking for something for the golfer in your life for the upcoming holidays but don't know where to turn? Fear not, ReGripped has you covered. Come sit on my red velveted lap and let me tell you what gifts...wait where are you going? Get back here! 

1. Revant Optics Replacement Lenses

Problem: You get awesome sunglasses but after awhile you need new or different lenses. Good luck for replacing those lenses for less than a new pair of sunglasses. Lenses don't have to cost you a second mortgage payment (well maybe a mortgage on a PlaySkool Playhouse perhaps) and so Revant has you covered for less. 

Got Oakleys, got Ray Bans, Costas, etc.? Revant has got replacement lenses for all of them and for a very nice inexpensive price. I particular like their Elite HC3 lenses and rocked them in Hawaii and elsewhere. Pretty awesome! 

For more info on Revant, check em out here:

2. Seamus Golf Pouch Bag:

I don't know about you but I hate, HATE having lots of things in my pockets when I golf. Wallets, cell phones, boarding passes to countries without extradition treaties with the US, all of this stuff takes up space and I ultimately throw it my bag and then search in vain for awhile, wondering where it all went.

Seamus makes quality products, from headcovers to ballmarkers and their pouch bag for your valuables is no different. I love having it in my bag and you can choose from a huge range of plaids to choose from. Definitely a MUST for any golfer.

For more info on Seamus Golf, check em out here:

3.  eBars Golf Bars:

Its tough to find a power bar that doesn't have a lot of junk in it but gives you what you need in terms of protein and most importantly taste. Luckily eBars takes this all this worrying and Venn diagrams you have been making in your garage and puts it all into a simple, tasty power bar that is tailored for golfers. I love munching on these things and just typing this out makes me want to go and order some more right now. 

For more info on eBars, check em out here:

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