Thursday, October 15, 2015

Going Old School

 You see those three clubs right there? Thus puppies are at least 20 years old and probably still like grunge music. #RIPKURT

What is new and shiny is great but some of us (I suspect a lot of us) still hold on to the old as they are tried and true. I have three such clubs in my bag (and had a fourth as my putter was 20+ years old until I recently switched it out) and allow me to wax poetic about them for a moment.

This is the first example of tried and true. I remember my dad giving me this wedge back in the day. I put it in my bag, hit it well and that is that. Sure I lust after the Vokeys and the Clevelands and the matched wedge sets that everyone has but if you can hit a club reasonably well and trust where its going, what more do you need from a club? One thing I have been thinking of here, I really should get the bounce figured out as I would love for my other wedges to match this one.

This is my baby. If it were legal in any state to marry this club, I might have done it awhile ago. If my driver is wonky (which is often the case), I can stripe this puppy 240-50 down the fairway and even put a little draw on it if I want. Why I can't do this with any other club remains a mystery. Why they don't make clubs any more with the awesomest shaft ever (the Ti Bubble 2) is also beyond me. TaylorMade, you have your marching orders, bring this baby back!

I had lessons this year from a great pro over at Angeles National. One of my classmates had a whole set of irons with the Ti Bubble 2 shaft. I learned to hit my driver well but I am still trying to internalize my swing all throughout this year and I was struggling recently when a buddy suggested "you hit the 3 wood so well, you should hit it in a driver". Light bulb so I went onto Ebay and darnit if there weren't several drivers available from this model year. There was even a BRAND NEW DRIVER, never been hit from the early 90s. Insanity.

So, I ordered a used driver for $20 and boy does it feel like my 3 wood. I can't hit it as straight (more like a power fade) but when I catch it, I can hit it 290 and it gives me all the distance I need off the tee. Sure a better swing with a better club will give me better results but if I can learn to trust this (and there is already an inbuilt level of trust) then why not go for it?

I guess what I am saying is that Taylormade should have never made another club since 1994 because they achieved perfection and my game is still benefitting from it 20 years later. What old clubs do you have in the bag?

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