Thursday, January 29, 2015

Golfing Van Nuys Review

Nestled in Van Nuys, is an 18 hole par 3 course along with a a 9 hole executive course. I decided to take a spin on the executive course although in some ways this course forced me to rethink what I look for in courses.

The course starts out like most beater courses, hitting off mats and on top of other golfers. In fact, you are so on top of other golfers, I started to get nervous during the round. The tees are so close together, the roadways are so close to the course, there is almost no margin for error which does not add to the enjoyment of the round. Things are so stacked up, the airplanes are stacked upon you.

When you aren't hitting near other golfers, you are hitting almost into traffic. In the pic below you have two options, hit near a tree or lose it right into a fence or onto the road.

I don't want to slag Van Nuys too much, after all, real estate is limited and not every course has the luxury of land adjacent to the course but the proximity of everything made me feel, well claustrophobic.

One great thing about VNGC is that it gave me this shot:

So many golf balls, so little time.

Don't let me dissuade you on VNGC, check it out for yo'self!

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