Thursday, December 4, 2014

Holiday Golf Gift Guide

This year has been great for me. I got back into golf after a long layoff, started this golf blog and had a lot of great adventures playing cool courses. Over the course of the year, I found out about some great golf products that I think would make good stocking stuffers for any golf nut. Check em out!

EBars Golf Bars:

Power bars are everywhere nowadays in all different flavors for all different purposes. However, the best one I have found for golf is EBars. Specifically formulated for a round of golf, this bar is my favorite discovery of the year.  It not only tastes good (which is a rarity for power bars) but also is all natural and doesn't contain bad preservatives or other harmful junk which shows up in these bars. I eat these before every round and it really gets me up and going!

For more info on EBars, check em out here:

Monsta Golf Balls:

The golf ball market is saturated with big companies, Titleist, Bridgestone, etc. but every once in awhile a small manufacturer pops up that offers a great golf ball. Enter Monsta with its distinct eye and no nonsense spin on the greens. The distance is pretty good and so is the durability of this ball. If you are looking to go outside the big guys, give this "little" guy a try!

For more info on the Monsta, check out:

Birdie Gift Card:

The great thing about having a lot of golf courses in the US is that there are a lot of coupon books to give you discounts to those courses. In Southern California, Roger Dunn is the best golf shop and their savings card is the best coupon card around. Who doesn't love savings? If you are in the Southlands, get thyself to Roger!

For more info on the Birdie book, check this out:

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