Thursday, July 17, 2014

I Get My Card

Growing up in Upstate New York, I never really worried about tee times. There were an abundance of courses and the worse the course, the higher the likelihood that you didn't have to make a tee time. On the nicer courses sure you made tee times but there were very few courses that you had to camp out for a tee time like Bethpage.

When I moved to Los Angeles and took up golf again, I knew I might have to adjust my expectations since the city has a few million people in it (as opposed to a few million trees that are in Upstate). I ran across the Player Card, an initiative run by the City of LA. For a small yearly fee you get a card which allows you access to tee times to city-run courses before the general public. It doesn't come with any other fancy benefits or bag tags but that tee time access is worth it to me.

I have already used it to play PenMar in Venice and it was already worth it as that course was full of golfers the day I went but with the reservation system, it was a breeze to get out and about due to the card.

Other cities have similar set-ups and I think it is a darn good idea. Consider me a fan of this little piece of plastic!

More details about the card can be found here:

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